What Trends will Dominate Food & Beverage in 2022?

Foodservice professionals have been tossed into the churn of unfamiliar challenges. Resilient chefs and restaurateurs quickly adapted, often with unexpected solutions.

How many of these trends will continue? Here are the highlights to help you prepare for the future in our ever-changing industry.

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Trend #1: The ABCs of Z

Generation Z is the new demographic force to be reckoned with. Sure they’re young and just getting started, but they’re shaping up to be serious foodservice influencers with a great affection for restaurants. Welcome to the party, Gen Z!

Trend #2: All-inclusive Menus

Diners expect to choose what they order based on whim, need, hunger, interest, diet, curiosity, and desire. In an era of pared-down menus and controlled inventory, the challenge is to make menus meet customer expectations and smart business sense. Explore: Plant-Forward & Veg-Centric Recipes

Trend #3: High Tech Transforms an Industry

Customer acceptance of technology—like QR codes and self-serve kiosks—happened at lightning speed. Now the industry must discover how to adopt new technologies while maintaining the sense of hospitality that makes dining experiences special.

Trend #4: Enhanced Beverage Options

Beverages that multitask by providing functional or beneficial ingredients along with quenching thirst are gaining momentum. With a strong growth forecast, this beverage market is a good one to tap. Read: Functional Beverages Are Having Their Moment

Trend #5: Winning Innovations

Unexpected demands of the pandemic led to innovations with real staying power, such as ghost kitchens, curbside pickup, and outdoor dining options. Many service-oriented innovations worked so well they’re not going anywhere soon.

Trend #6: Urge to Splurge

After months of lockdown, limits, and takeout only, food lovers are indulging to make up for lost time. From ultra-luxe menu items and super-premium cocktails to chef-led experiences and cooking lessons, the opportunities are virtually endless. It’s time to capitalize on this pent-up demand.

Trend #7: Creative Takes on Coffee

Whether hot or iced, fully leaded or decaf, sweet, straight, or topped with foam, coffee is strong, steady, and rich with menu opportunity. With unflagging consumer loyalty to coffee, it’s no stretch for chefs and restaurateurs to think of it as liquid gold.

Trend #8: World's Fare

With backgrounds that span the globe, chefs are bringing a world of ethnic flavor to menus. Chefs and restaurateurs continue to stir the melting pot in unexpected ways, forever changing the definition of American cuisine. Read: Get Creative With Global Flavors

Trend #9: Hire Power

Customers are returning to restaurants, but the same isn’t entirely true for workers. In the face of labor shortages, foodservice employers must redouble efforts to offer good pay, supportive management, creative perks, and a positive work culture.

With clear signs of recovery on the horizon, now’s the time to focus on growth. Download the exclusive Top 2022 Food & Beverage Industry Trends report for in-depth data and insights to move forward and find success.