Take a Journey with Mango

The farm-to-table journey of a mango is full of colorful moments, joyful memories, and encounters with many fascinating people along the way.

Though mangos come to the U.S. primarily from South American countries and the Caribbean, such as Mexico, Haiti, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, and Brazil, they are known as the “King of Fruits” because of their extensive popularity among the world’s tropics. This fruit, originally from India, can be found throughout East Asia and the Pacific, along with South Asia and Australia.

The Origin Stories is a collection of micro-documentaries that explore the mango’s flavorful origins while meeting the diverse, passionate communities that continue to preserve its traditions—5,000 years in the making.


So, gather ‘round. Exciting untold tales of the versatile mango await as we explore the food cultures and cultivation of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Hawaii, and more to come.


Sharing Local Flavors to Rekindle Memories of the Past.

Journey across Puerto Rico and follow the mango from being picked to being plated. Grower Veny Marti, and Chefs Clarissa Llenza and Manuel Collazo discuss their stories on their love of sharing.


Connecting Communities & Families through Unbreakable Traditions.

From the family dinner table, to a neighborhood block party, Mexico brings mango to every celebration. Discover the tradition, the spirit, and the magic of Mexico through the eyes and hearts of locals.


The Essence of Aloha, Under the Golden Glow of Mango.

As new cultures begin to call Hawaii home, the culinary landscape becomes more exciting. Explore the “Island of Aloha” and learn the stories of mango farmers and chef Robert Love.

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