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Night Picker - Everything starts with a story

Here’s ours! English-born, Montreal-based entrepreneur Julie Guyard created Night Picker after 2 of her 3 sons started working in kitchens. “I discovered many issues within the industry that I knew I could help fix! This is an industry which depends upon its people and its product, so it made sense to create a media platform to share the 1000s of unique stories found behind every Restaurant door in watchable, bite-sized pieces; and it made sense to add a Marketplace so restaurants can promote their food directly to locals and tourists without using 3rd party ‘deals’ platforms that enforce reductions and take high fees and commissions.” 

Fast-forward 18 months

The Night Picker App hit the App Stores in the height of the Covid-19 crisis. “Never before has it been more important that restaurants and their suppliers stay connected to diners,” so we’re adding PANTRY, a new category which creates a unique opportunity to change how diners access fresh, locally-prepared dishes and produce, and quality pantry products.

The Night Picker Promise  

  • Ethical monetization of content and data
  • To prioritize the promotion of local trade
  • To promote, initiate, innovate, and integrate practices and tools which reduce food waste & closures within the restaurant industry

The Benefits of Night Picker

Self-posting short-format video is a habit many restaurants are familiar with thanks to Instagram and FaceBook. Night Picker optimizes that trend by creating an industry-specific space where diners and viewers of food and people-related reality media can ‘WATCH’ unique stories about the people and the places within the Restaurant Industry: from Chefs and Owners, Butcher and Farmers, Dishwashers, Servers, Sommeliers and Bar Personnel, Wine-Merchants and Food Suppliers… the list and the unique stories attached to it goes on!  Each ‘bite-sized’ video helps form a micro-series about its host: The Restaurant, which will keep viewers and diners coming back again and again. 

And of course once there, viewers will head over (in-app) to ‘EAT’  to find great dining, events and community initiatives based around food and the culinary world, and visit ’PANTRY’, to stock-up their fridge, freezer and pantry with fresh and locally prepared meals, farm produce, and pantry items. Local Restaurants and growers helping solve that eternal, ‘at home’ question, “What is there to eat”.

Entertain, engage, inform and educate your existing social media audience with your Night Picker presence

Media Contact:

Julie Guyard, Founder and Managing Director
+1 514 663 8228