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Bitchy Waiter on 5 Ways Customers Can Make a Server’s Job Easier

Darron Cardosa

I’ve been waiting tables for so long that my very first customer asked for their Brontosaurus burger to be cooked well-done. That same customer then complained it was taking too long to cook. While I was hiding in the walk-in, a comet hit the earth and both the dinosaurs and the grumpy customer became extinct. I’ve been a part of the restaurant industry ever since, and I do my best to be the voice for servers by saying the quiet part about waiting tables out loud. The job has never been easy, but over the last year it has become increasingly difficult. The only thing surging more than COVID these days is rude restaurant customers and burnt-out servers. Wanting to find ways that customers might help make the job better, I posted on Twitter: “Name something that would be so easy for customers to do that would make your job so much easier.” 

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Awesome! I love The Bitchy Waiter.