This Mango Ginger Beer and Mezcal Cocktail was Inspired by Van Gogh

One of the hottest (safe, socially distanced) tickets in Chicago these days is Immersive Van Gogh, in which masked guests wander through 500,000-cubic-feet of swirling projections depicting the artist’s most famous pieces. Most of those lucky enough to have seen it express their awe over social media, But Sarah Clark, beverage director at The Dearborn, was inspired to create a special spring drink.

For the Smoky Van Gogh, mezcal meets lime juice and mango-flavored ginger beer, a combination that gives the drink a Van Gogh-esque sunflower yellow hue. Meanwhile, the bright orange tajín spice rim adds the flavors of salt, chiles, and lime. “We thought it would lend another layer of flavor and a bit of aroma to the cocktail, as well as a contrasting color,” says Clark. We’re sure the artist would approve. Now, if we could only score tickets to the show ...

Liz Grossman is the managing editor of Plate.