It's About Time Someone Turned Carrot Cake into an Ice Cream Sandwich

The grocery store freezer might be the easiest place to find the best ice cream sandwiches, but tell me you're turning classic carrot cake into an ice cream sandwich, and I'll travel far and wide to get it. Especially when it's coming from former Uchiko chefs, Yoni Lang and Jeff Miller.

“Jeff is rather obsessed with carrot cake and I often dream of working at Ben & Jerry’s, so an ice cream sandwich seemed like a natural fit,” says Lang, co-chef/co-partner of the new sustainable sushi spot, Rosella. He and co-chef/co-partner Miller took the classic dessert to the next level at their New York City restaurant by sandwiching ginger bourbon-vanilla crème anglaise ice cream between carrot cake "cookies" for a takeout-friendly carrot cake sandwich, halved for easy sharing.

“It’s a nice combination of sweet and savory while still having that familiar, comforting carrot-cake taste,” says Lang, who uses African runner peanut miso in the "cookies" for a pop of salt and umami (he suggests subbing in sweet potato miso for nut allergies). Cinnamon and nutmeg bring said comforting flavor to the "cookies," while powdered ginger adds a kick of spice. “The ice cream is pretty rich, which pairs nicely with the chewy and soft-textured cookie,” says Lang, who packs them on ice for takeout, “but we suggest them more as a post-dinner snack for the walk home!” I'm guessing they don't make it far.


Liz Grossman is the managing editor of Plate.