Escargot Gets Turned into a Comforting Dumpling at Charleston’s Bistronomy

We aren’t seeing too much escargot on menus these days, but we are noticing (and eating) a lot of dumplings. Combine the two, like Chef/Owner Nico Romo does at Bistronomy, and you’ve got comfort food that’s elevated just enough. At the new bistro in Charleston, S.C., Romo reinvents and modernizes classic French dishes (think foie gras and gruyère on a burger) and adds Asian touches throughout (the mussels swim in a makrut lime broth and tuna tartare is scooped up with shrimp chips). For his escargot rice dumplings, he cooks diced escargot with butter, cilantro, chives, parsley, garlic, ginger zest, lemon and lime zest, sriracha, and rice vinegar; combines the mixture with cooked jasmine rice, and hand-wraps the filling in rice dumpling dough. The dumplings are then sautéed in brown butter until golden. They’re served in a citrus vinegar with parsley, more sriracha, candied ginger, and roasted pistachios. “It’s a really fun recipe. We took a classic French dish and created a new dumpling,” says Romo. We are so glad that he did.


Liz Grossman is the managing editor of Plate.