Tangy Ranch and Lemon Brighten Redfish Karaage at Houston's Riel

At Houston's new Riel, executive chef/co-owner Ryan Lachaine mashes up French-Canadian cuisine, his Ukrainian heritage, and inspirations from the restaurant's Texas location. That sounds like there's a lot going on, and there is, but flavors flow seamlessly across the meal, from borscht to tourtiere to Gulf Fish karaage.

The latter dish uses red fish, which is served in bite-sized chunks coated with a craggy but delicate batter. The fish is served with a slick of tangy housemade ranch dressing, lemon slices to squeeze over the top and a sprinkle of paprika. In all, it's a fairly light dish, which is ideal—you'll need room for the foie gras sticky toffee pudding with blood toffee sauce for dessert.

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