Officine Brera Offers An Italian Charcuterie Master Class

It’s sometimes hard for an Italian restaurant to stand out, but the best course of action is to do the classic dishes beautifully, and simply make them better, not more complicated. At Los Angeles’ Officine Brera, guests and critics rave over chef/partner Angelo Auriana's ethereal risotto, but his attention to detail is carried throughout the menu, even to the charcuterie-driven starters. Take his lingua salmistrata, a dish of sliced pickled beef tongue drizzled with salsa verde and olives and served over a bed of arugula. The beef slices are tender and meaty, and the salsa verde and olives lend just enough acid and salt to balance the fat. It’s a starter that looks like a plate of meat and tastes like a master class in Italian charcuterie.

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