Start with Coffee, End with Booze at These All-Day Bars

Liz Grossman

You have to recognize that as operations and regular people, we enjoy the option to be able to drink at any given time throughout the day... time permitting, of course,” laughs Bruce Finkelman, managing partner of Chicago’s 16” On Center, which owns the all-day café/bar The Ruin Daily. He’s talking about drinking everything from cortados and Americanos to aviators, mojitos and drinks that combine the best of both worlds, like the Talisman, made with coffee, spiced vodka, Fernet-Branca, absinthe, oat milk and honey. “I remember going to Paris and getting an espresso and a pastry, and it was the same place you’d get your drinks later in the day. The booze was kept on top of the espresso machine,” Finkelman recalls. “That’s really very similar to what we’re doing there. We’re not hiding it; it’s there for you, no judgment.”

At San Diego’s Pop Pie Co., drinks start with coffee in the morning and pivot to beer in the afternoon, and the pot pies that accompany them follow suit, shifting from bacon-and-egg pies to options like red chile pork and steak and ale pot pies. “My background passion is coffee, and my partner, Gan, is a trained baker. We wanted to serve both elevated food and coffee; it’s often one or the other,” says co-owner Steven Torres. “We wanted something we could offer all day, and with pie, there’s no rules on whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The sweet pies go well with coffee, and savory pies go with the beer; we pour beer that will go with our pie. We want to make a variety of pies, and create food and drink combinations without limits.”

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