What's Your Oven's Name?

Plate Staff

“Our smoker is Grit and our grill is Grace. They come from five principles we teach our employees. Our most important value is a sense of grace; it’s at the heart of hospitality. And grit is something you have to obtain to get what you want sometimes.” — Andrew Bachelier, Campfire, Carlsbad, Calif.

Michael Carroll Photo: Bert Ganzon

“We have a custom 42-inch circular grill named Gurty or Gertrude. The name came from the chef who at the time had cooked on it the most (Pancho Resendiz). It took a few months for him to finally name her; as he was the main cook, we allowed/expected him to come up with a proper name. After two or three months, he said the name ‘Gertrude,’ at a whisper at first, and then proudly to the heavens above, ‘Gertrude! Fire!’ (OK, I made that last part up).”  — Michael Carroll, Band of Bohemia, Chicago

Jason Wilson Photo: LYUDMILA ZATOVA

“Ours is simply ‘the fire-breathing dragon.’ It spits and yells and makes all sorts of noise, but is constantly on fire!” — Jason Wilson, 
Miller’s Guild, Seattle

Jason French

“We refer to the oven by various names depending on the mood the cook is in. however, the station is called the ‘fire dancer’… instead of the usual oven or sauté… the garde manger is called the 
‘ice wizard.’” — Jason French, Ned Ludd, Portland, Ore.

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