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Game On! All-Natural Pork Panko Is Now Available in Foodservice Packaging

Atlanta, GA--Pork Panko from Bacon’s Heir, a huge cult favorite, is now sold in convenient 16-ounce bags. The crisp, flavorful coating performs like bread-based panko crumbs, adding porky flavor and extra crunch. Gluten-free and carb-free, it is perfectly suited to special dietary needs. Pork Panko, made from natural pork skins and salt, adds texture to mac-and-cheese, salads and bowls and can be used in place of panko or breadcrumbs in any recipe while cornbread, waffles and biscuits go hog wild when the crisp bits are added. For fryer-less kitchens, its stay-crisp crisp structure allows it to be used on chicken that can be baked instead of deep-fried. Light, airy and fresh, each 16-ounce bag contains 8 cups of Pork Panko.

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About Bacon’s Heir: Founder Brett Goodson grew up working on a cattle ranch and apiary in Alabama. After working as a mechanical engineer, he has gone back to his roots, creating unique, high-quality natural meat-based products. For all the essential details on sourcing Pork Panko, please contact Brett Goodson at Bacon’s Heir.

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Saw the pork panko at the NRA food show last May in Chicago. Took home a sample and loved it. Made pork cakes pulled pork formed into a cake then breaded with the panko and pan fried. worked out great was a big hit with guests.